The Exquisite Tone Of The Yamaha NP32 Digital Keyboard

Yamaha NP32

Exquisite tone at a small, light instrument – the Yamaha NP32 portable keyboards are a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. Designed around all the important factors that enable you to focus entirely on playing, the Yamaha NP32 portable keyboards focus on your inspiration and enjoyment of music, whilst still featuring the pure tonal quality of one of today’s finest grand pianos. Ideal for both practise and performance, it comes with a number of specially designed sounds and voices, a MIDI-over-USB function, and is extremely easy to program, thanks to its highly innovative and user-friendly control interface.

With its octave and tone locking range of sounds, the NP32 is incredibly natural and musical. Its unrivalled range of sounds and voices are ideal for inspiration or performance – with its ios device and optional online software, the NP32 sounds fantastic no matter what level of player you are at. Each voice is individually controlled, enabling you to change the sound for different keys without ever pressing the wrong key. The NP32 also features a great virtual keyboard, perfect for beginners and those who wish to learn or practise without the complication of physically moving the keyboard from one hand to the other. All of these and more make the Yamaha NP32 an absolutely perfect solution for all piano playing and music creativity.

With its compact size, the Yamaha NP32 makes a great all-round solution for both practising and performance. At just over five inches long and weighing in at less than seven and a half ounces, the NP32 makes it perfect for any level of piano playing. This all-important durability factor coupled with its intuitive interface and comprehensive range of sounds and voices means that the Yamaha NP32 is a truly contemporary tool for all musical styles. Moreover, owing to its small size, the NP32 is also very easy to pack away when not in use. In fact, many pianists find the compact size to be a major plus point when considering what makes great pianos pianos in the first place – playability and storage!

Another great thing about the Yamaha NP32 is that it is also a great buy when it comes to pricing. It is a true miniature keyboard and because of its compact size and refined design, it fits perfectly into any practice or performance space. Indeed, some piano enthusiasts actually prefer using the Yamaha NP32 over other larger sized pianos simply because of its refined sound quality. Pianists young and old all hail the finest sounds of this tiny keyboard and most piano enthusiasts who own the NP32 can’t help but fall in love with this tiny musical wonder. It is truly the most exquisite tone ever created on a piano.

If the small size isn’t a problem for you, the high-quality of sound that comes out of the NP32 should be. The instrument is actually two instruments in one. There are notes emanating from the keyboard, which come out as sharp, rich timbre when played through an amplifier. But even though the strings themselves are very deep, the notes ring out with such brilliance that it is difficult to imagine that there are keys beneath them emitting high-quality sound waves. This is what makes the NP32 such a fine concert grand piano.

The Yamaha NP32 digital keyboard is also a fine pick if you are looking for a compact, yet highly efficient, piano that still sounds amazing. While it does share the same exquisite tone with larger sized pianos, it is a digital keyboard. This means that there are no moving parts and therefore there are not complications such as warping or sags that can make large pianos unstable. The Yamaha NP32 is also a very compact piano that can fit easily in a small space. Its compact size allows for easy storage in a student’s bag for a trip to the piano club. If you have been thinking about buying a piano but have been put off by the difficulty of finding one that has the exquisite tone that you want, it is time to look again at the Yamaha NP32 and see why it is such a great choice.